Zigzag Pattern Ring and Bracelet
Zigzag Pattern Rings
Zigzag Pattern Bracelets
The weaving method for these zigzag ring and bracelet was developed from Flat Plaited Herringbone Stitch that I devised.
In plaited herringbone stitch, using beads having lengths longer than or equal to their diameters such as fire-polished beads and round beads, unsightly threads will show between beads. This weaving method makes unsightly thread invisible by adding extra beads.
The pattern for these ring and bracelet is now available at ChikaBeadwork in Etsy.
(November 5, 2019)
[Ring] US Size 5–11, Band width: 0.8–1.1 cm (5/16–7/16 in.)
[Bracelet] Inner Circumference: 17.8 cm (7 in.), Band width: 1.9 cm (3/4 in.)
[Ring] 15/0 rocaille seed beads, 3mm faceted round beads, (Czech Fire-Polished beads), 4mm faceted round beads, 3mm round beads, or 4mm round beads
[Bracelet] 11/0 rocaille seed beads, 4mm round beads or 4mm faceted round beads, (Czech Fire-Polished beads)
Detail of Brown Zigzag Bracelet
Front of Zigzag Rings