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I'm beadwork artist living in Japan.
I have been teaching beadwork since 2003 and selling my creations on the internet. Furthermore, I had held an exhibition of my beadwork in 2008, 2010, and 2012.

In 2000, I came across a new stitch, that is, Plaited Herringbone Stitch. The articles about this stitch appeared in Bead & Button magazine. Straight edges and zigzag edges of flat version, and triangle bracelets using them appeared in the issue #48 (April 2002). Circular and tubular versions, and Pastel Flower Necklace using these techniques appeared in the issue #53 (February 2003).

Moreover, it is possible to combine it with various stitches: peyote stitch, square stitch, herringbone stitch, netting stitch, and so on.
I published a book about Plaited Herringbone Stitch in April 2012, which is written in Japanese as shown in the following photo. If the title of this book is translated into English, it will be "Beadworks Using Plaited Herringbone Stitch".

Beadwork Using Plaited Herringbone Stitch
This book contains instructions of the techniques (flat version with several variations, circular version, tubular version, decreasing, and increasing) and 13 projects.

I have been receiving many inquiries about projects using the stitch lately. For that reason, I made a tutorial in English to explain the basic techniques of the stitch from the book.

PDF Beading pattern, Basic Techniques of Plaited Herringbone Stitch, ept-plated-he
PDF beading tutorial of Basic Techniques of Plaited Herringbone Stitch in Etsy
I explained the basic techniques of Plaited Herringbone Stitch in this tutorial. Additionally, I offered brief instructions for a triangular bracelet, a flower component, and a beaded ball as applications of the stitch.
Aside from this tutorial, I offered plaited herringbone stitch projects with step-by-step instructions.

Beadwork Artist Chika Terai

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