Mint green boxes
Bead mint green boxes
I made these boxes with favorite mint green color as a base color.
The main feature of them is having sharp corners. This feature keeps the shape and strength of the box.
The pattern for a hexagon box is available at ChikaBeadwork in Etsy.
Enjoy weaving this beautiful box. You can use it as a trinket box, a home decoration, or a gift.
(May 8, 2013)
[ Left ] height: 5.8cm, greatest width: 5.1cm.
[ Middle ] height: 3.9cm, width: 3.3cm.
[ Right ] height: 4.1cm, greatest-width: 5.9cm.
Delica beads, and seed beads (size 15/0)
PDF Beading pattern, beaded hexagon box, ept339-1
PDF beading tutorial of a hexagon box in Etsy
Enjoy weaving this box in various colors.
Detail of beaded hexagon box