Pentagonal Blue Box
Beaded Pentagonal Blue Box
I exercised my ingenuity in making this pentagonal blue box.
I sewed the geometric parts on the surface of the lid and the body, and thereby it has the strength and embossed surface.
I tucked bead into the corner of the lid so that it has the strength after the lid of the box was formed.
So, this box is well-built.
(May 5, 2014)
height: 7.5cm, width: 6.9cm
Delica beads, and seed beads (1.5mm), cat's eye glass bead
Beaded Pentagonal Blue Box which opened a lid
I have listed a pattern for a pentagon box. It is available at ChikaBeadwork in Etsy.
PDF Beading pattern for beaded pentagon box, ept500-1
PDF beading pattern for a pentagon box in Etsy
This pattern differs in design a little from the box on this page.