Dewdrop Beaded Temari
Dewdrop Beaded Temari
These balls are inspired by Japanese Temari.
To make a core ball, I rolled a cloth into a ball and wound threads around it. A small dewdrop beaded temari is made by covering a core ball with two circular pieces like doilies. The large temari is made with 12 circular pieces.
(February 28, 2023)
Large ball on the left in the back: 15 cm in diameter (5 7/8 in.)
Three balls on the left in the front: 6.4 cm in diameter (2 1/2 in.)
Three balls on the right in the back: 5.7 cm in diameter (2 1/4 in.)
Seed beads (1.5 mm or 2.0 mm), cloth, threads
Small Dewdrop Beaded Temari
Small Dewdrop Beaded Temari
Details of small size dewdrop beaded temari
Large Size Dewdrop Beaded Temari
Detail of the large size dewdrop beaded temari
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Dewdrop Beaded Temari displayed with flower arrangement
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